Let the Story Goes Where It Wants To Go

Posted April 17, 2017
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Stream.cz International's Honest Guide to Prague series on YouTube is a great resource for people travelling to Prague. They do short, digestable videos (in english) for those coming to the city on a wide variety of topics from what to see, to how to drink like a real Czech. When they were shooting their last video, on currency exchange in the city, they ran into some scammers on the streen and the whole video they were making changed like that.

This is a great example of flexibility. The guys showed up to shoot one video, and when they tried to execute that plan, another even better story presented itself to them -- and they took advantage of that. They completely changed what the video was about and decided to pursue the scammers on the street. 

Furthermore, the way they present it is great. They set you up for the other story and then introduce the real story right from there. From that point, you are hooked, because there is an inherent arc of story to this: what is he going to do to the scammers. 

Keep in mind when you are out shooting that the story you planned, may not always be the story that you leave with.

Additionally, aside from this post, these guys are a great example of creating your own niche channel. These guys recognized that their home is a destination for millions of peoeple around the world, and they have utilized video to cater to that specific market of people travelling to Prague. A key feature to this sucess is that the formula is repeatable and there are infinite possible iterations of what kind of videos they can do. Check Stream.cz International out, take notes on how it's done, and for help starting your own TV Channel, check out our course.


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