Oxford Student John Reed

Report from Oxford Video Summer School

Posted September 06, 2019
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This summer, Lisa and I taught a course at The University of Oxford entited Using Modern Media For The Common Good.

We have, or course, been running video bootcamps for more than 30 years, but this one was different.

First, it was for academic credit with The University of Oxford.

Second, we were affilaited with the Religion Department, and that accounted for the need to see the use of Modern Media in a different light.

We had about a dozen students for the course, none of whom had any real prior experience in shooting or producing their own video work.

One of them was John Reed (above) who came all the way from Australia to take the course.  He decided to do a story about City Farm in Oxfordshire.

Take a look.

All done on an iPhone.

Pretty impressive stuff.

Our next bootcamp is in New York this October.

We still have a few spaces left. 

But they are going quickly. 



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