How Do I Get Started?

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Subject: Business

Title: How Do I Get Started?


What are your first steps once you've decided what kind of channel you want to do to get it off the ground.


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OK, so, you like the idea, the obvious question now is: how do I get started?

What I wouldn't recommend is a YouTube channel or Vimeo. I think this is a big mistake because essentially you are diluting your content. There are a million YouTube channels, YouTube is lovely but it's a mess, and it's filled with all kinds of junk. It's just going to confuse the issue, it's going to make you hard to find your stuff, your kind of, it's kind of like getting a desk KMart.

Instead, I would strongly recommend that you simply just launch your own channel with your own website and your own space, and draw your traffic to there. 

If you have advertisers who are interested in your affinity group, and they should be, and you put it on YouTube, you're going to split the revenue with YouTube. In fact, they're going to take the lion share of it and they're going to control the advertising. As well on YouTube, you can't do text, you can't do photographs, you can't have chat rooms, you can't do any of the things that make an online affinity group, one of these spheres, unique, and leverage off of the architecture and the power of the Internet. 

So the way to get started here is to launch your own video friendly website. Now pretty much every website is video friendly, and, of course, with Wordpress and stuff like that you can actually get started on your own -- it's a very simple thing to do. 

The most important thing here is to identify your niche and to hold your niche, and then begin to populate it as quickly as you can.

Once you have your website up, once you decide on your niche once you begin to populate it, once you start to attract a group, you can use social media, and we've talked about social media on other places on, and we'll continue to do that, you can use social media to begin to drive traffic to your website. As opposed to simply putting up links to YouTube or Vimeo, which to me will never go anywhere, much beyond simply bringing traffic to Vimeo and YouTube. 

So, the trick here is to have your own dedicated website, to own the URL, and to begin to make that the locus of all the content, not just the content that you're creating because YouTube again is a passive experience, but rather to make one of these Three-Dimensional sites and online communities.