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Posted March 30, 2018
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So you want to work in TV and video?

Good news is that there has never been a better time. Not so long ago there were only three channels and jobs were slim, then with cable the field opened up a bit, but now, with streaming and digital content, as well as an infinite demand for content, there has never been a better time to get into the industry -- either on your own or working for one of the big companies.

We here at post numerous job postings from around the world daily in our Jobs Section, but TV producer Jamie Smith of has put together a comprehensive list of job boards and other resources to help you get a job in the industry.

See the full list here.

Jamie's list doesn't only include jobs from major networks and production companies, but also contact information if you have some work you want to sell to them, or to pitch a show.

If you would rather create content yourself, much like we teach here at, rather than be an employee of a company, than you can use this list to make contact with the companies and pitch your idea or yourself. There has never been more demand for content, particularly quality content that can be produced cheaply, and if you have an idea and proof of execution like a pitch reel, then you are well on your way to selling a show.

If you don't contact anyone from this list about work or your idea then you know the answer is no, but if you write to each one of these companies, and even more around the world, then someone may answer back and want you to produce your show for them.


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