Samson Wireless Mic System for Smartphones

Posted August 23, 2017
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The Go Mic Mobile Digital Handheld Wireless System from Samson is a audio kit made specifically for smartphones that can enable you to capture clean wireless audio right to your camera without having to make your own rig out of equipment meant for traditional cameras.

If you have shot video on a smartphone you'll know that one of the biggest challenges is capturing high quality audio. The internal microphone on most smartphones are designed for capturing you on the phone and not for video and can lead to hollow sound and most of them have very limited ranges.

There are many options out there for wired mics (both lapel mics and shotgun mics) for smartphones but these too have their limitations -- the length of the wire and the range of the microphone itself. These are great options, but sometimes you want to be able to use a wireless microphone.

Wireless mics give you a much greater range and a lot more flexibility in your shooting. If your video is focused on a character you can put a microphone on them and not have to worry about being super close to them to capture good audio. This frees you up to get more interesting shots of the environment and not have to worry about whether your shot is compromising your audio or vice versa.

The Go Mic Mobile Digital Handheld Wireless System is a solution to this problem. The kit, available now from Samson, costs $249.99 and comes with a dual channel receiver that clips onto your smartphone, a wireless lavaliere mic or hand held mic with transmitter, and lighting, USB-C and USB Micro B wires to directly connect the receiver to whatever phone you have. 

The system has a range of 100 feet, a battery life of 13 hours for the receiver and also can be used with a traditional camera or DSLR. The reveivers dual channel input allows you to use two microphones using the single receiver which you can record as separate tracks or stereo pair. This is a major innovation for smartphone audio as you can usually only use what you can plug into the phone.

Smartphone accessories are commonplace now, but we believe that this one is one that you should definitely check out as it can raise your smartphone video game greatly. After all, 90% of what you see if what you hear.

You can buy the system from Samsom.