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Living The Travel Journalist's Dream

Posted March 29, 2018
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Meet Juliana Broste, better known as Travelin' Jules.

Who is she?

Emmy Award Winning Travel Video Journalist, On-Air Talent, Host, Writer, Producer, Filmmaker, Videographer, Photographer, Editor. Creates entertaining original travel content for television, web, and social media for media outlets and marketing clients. 

She lives the life most people can only dream of.

She travels the world with her video camera, shooting and producing travel videos that have found a global audience.

She has created original travel and lifestyle video content for travel brands and media outlets, including CNN, Travel Channel, Lonely Planet, Food Network, Viator, Miles, VISIT DENVER, Colorado Ski Country USA, Rand McNally, USA TODAY, CBS, Root Sports, MTV, and more! Eight-time Emmy award winning producer, shooter, write, editor and host.

Let's repeat that last line:  8 time Emmy Award winner.  

Most recently, she added a new network - the Matador Network, and a new series - Spotlight.

But we knew her before she was famous.

In fact, we set her on the road to her success. She's a graduate of one of our Video Bootcamps. She joined us in Denver where we taught her to shoot, edit and produce videos all on her own.

With that skill set, her natural talent and endless drive, she basically invented the dream career of a lifetime.

We can't guarantee that you'll have a career like Juliana, but we can guarantee that we can give you the tools to take your shot.  

The rest is up to you. 


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