Chris Leary, Anchor and reporters, Spectrum1, LA

What Happens When a 57-Year Old Anchor, Who Has Never Touched a Camera Takes The Bootcamp?

Posted June 21, 2019
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Chris Leary is an anchor and a reporter on Spectrum1, the new 24-hour cable news channel in Los Angeles.

Like most anchors (and most reporters) he had never touched a camera or an edit before in his life. Why would he (or they) - they always had camera people, producers and editors.

But Spectrum1 is different, and so, too, now is Chris.

He took our 4-Day Intensive bootcamp, picked up his iPhone and went out and reported, shot and edited this story all on his own.

We love this.

What this shows is not just cost effective - which it is. What it really shows is authorship.

Had Chris become a newspapers journalist instead of a TV journalist, he would be writing his own work all the time, in his own video. Now, he is 'writing' in video - and the difference shows.

This is what great authorship in TV news is all about.

It is what made newspapers great for 150 years

And it is what will make TV news great for 150 years to come.

An entirely new approach.

More personal.

More intimate.

More honest.

More real.

And not an inch of police tape or b-roll in sight. 


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