Huawei Launches New Video Phone

Posted May 18, 2018
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Huawei, the Chinese phone and tech company just launched its newest smart phone, the P20.

Huawei may not be too well known in the US, but it certainly is well known in the rest of the world.  In September 2017, it passed Apple, to become the world's #2 phone manufacturer, after Samsung.  (I had no idea either).

What makes this phone of interest to us is the video and the cameras. There are three of them.

  • 70 mp mono lens
  • 40 mp main RGB lens
  • 8 mp telephoto lens

As you may recall, we reviewed the highly experimental L-16 here some time ago. That camera has 16 lenses,  all of different focal lengths.  The Huawei would seem to be on track to pick up on what the L-16 has demonstrated: more lenses are better. 

The Huawei lenses are also made by Leica.  We like Leicas around here.

The Huawei P20 retais for $666.69, which is a kind of funny number, but it must be derivative of something.

You can read more about the Huawei P2 here.  


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