HyperDrive USB-C Hub + 7.5W Qi Wireless Charger iPhone Stand
HyperDrive USB-C Hub + 7.5W Qi Wireless Charger iPhone Stand

HyperDrive USB-C Hub + 7.5W Qi Wireless Charger iPhone Stand

Posted January 25, 2018
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The HyperDrive USB-C Hub + 7.5W Qi Wireless Charger iPhone Stand is an amazing little port that can wirelessly charge your phone, and also has a multitude of other ports that you may be missing on your USB-C computer.

If you have a new computer with only USB-C ports (like the new MacBook Pro) you may suffer from port stress. Since USB-C is fairly new, most of the stuff you have that needs to plug into your computer isn't USB-C. This leaves you having to buy adaptors and new cables that can really clutter your desk. An adaptor for USB, an adaptor for thunderbolt, multi-adapters, HDMI, Ethernet, the list is endless, and in most cases you only have 4 ports. The HyperDrive can't solve all of these problems, but it certainly can help a lot.

The HyperDrive combines a USB-C multi-adapter port with a wireless charging station. Plug in the hub into your computer via USB-C and you can just put your phone on it and it will start charging. Below the charging stand are all your favorite ports you need including more USB-C, USB-A, HDMI, Ethernet, an SD slot, a micro SD slot, and an LCD display for showing voltage and current.

The HyperDrive USB-C Hub / Wireless Charger for an early bird price of $99 on Kickstarter. It goes up to $159 at full retail after the campaign. So don't waste your money on many expensive dongle adapters sold by Apple and others, get your all in one right here.

Check it out on Kickstarter.

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