A Different Kind Of Biden Story

Posted March 05, 2020
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This week's transformation of Sleepy Joe Biden into Lazarus Rose From The Dead Biden was clearly a very big story.

And pretty much every TV station covered the story in the same way - their political analyst sitting at a desk with a lot of charts and graphics.

Not exactly the most compelling television in the world.

Not exactly doing what the medium does best.

More like driving radio into video.

Spectrum1's MMJ Itay Hod did it in a different way- through the eyes of a character. 

The same people who are watching your local news are also watching Netflix and HBO - and in fact, they're watching a lot more Netflix than they are local TV news.

Whose balance sheet would you rather have? Whose ratings?

So we decided to try and see if we could marry the elements that make Netflix so compelling - characters, arc of story - to news and journalism

AND to see if we could do it all with one MMJ using only an iPhone

As you can see, it works.

It works very well.

It's also faster, cheaper and far more compelling.

It's all about the storytelling. 



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