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Equipment: Share Videos and Get Feedback for Free with ScreeningRoom

Posted October 27, 2017
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ScreeningRoom is an amazing new website that lets you share your videos with teammates, clients, collaborators, and whoever else you want, and lets people drop notes on a timeline so you know exactly what note you are getting, from who, at what point in the video, and keep track of it all in one simple interface.

Once you finish a cut of your video you are going to want to get some notes and feedback. Whether you are working alone, with a client or on a team, this process of getting notes on versions of your work can be a difficult process. You export a version from your video, send it out to the people you want to look at it and then have to manage a series of emails and notes about the work. It can be difficult to organize and easy to lose track of notes and who you sent it to. 

Now, ScreeningRoom wants to change that workflow and make the whole process easier. Their simple interface puts your uploaded video on a timeline and then people you send the link to can put notes right in the timeline so you get specific feedback rather than just general notes. You can think of this as a Google Docs of sort for your video projects. The best part is, you can get 2GB of upload per month for free. After that you can sign up for three different membership levels: $5/month for 5GB of monthly uploads, $10/month for 10GB of monthly uploads, and $20/month for 20GB of monthly uploads (unlimited storage).

Why do we like this tool?

It's going to make your life so much more simple when you are refining your edit and churning out different versions on your way to that final upload. Additionally, for the user who is giving notes as they no longer have to switch between apps while giving notes and can put a note right in the moment they are talking about so the editor can see the video and the note all in one interface.

Check out ScreeningRoom for more info and to start working with it here.

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