Unlimited Data Back as Mobile Video Continues to Explode

Posted February 13, 2017
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Verizon announced that it is bringing back an unlimited data plan to its mobile plans, becoming the last of the major U.S. mobile providers to do so.  As people use more and more data on their mobile devices, mainly consuming video, carriers have re-introduced unlimited data plans.

This is all an indication or the amount of video that people are consuming on their mobile plans. Video is the lingua franca of the Internet and of smartphones. Video uses the most amount of data to stream and upload, so it is no surprise that as more high quality video is demanded on mobile devices, plans will reflect that. 

We are going to be launching a mobile section here on TheVJ.com very soon which will be your hub for all things mobile video.  In one section you will be able to learn to shoot, edit, publish and monitize video right on your smartphone. Watch this space.


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