GoPro Lava Flow

The GoPro That Survived Lava

Posted November 13, 2017
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They say that GoPro cameras can withstand any condition, and it turns out they're probably telling the truth. Check out this amazing video of a GoPro's encounter with a stream of 2,000 degree lava from Erik Storm of Kilauea EcoGuides (

Everyone knows that GoPro cameras can handle almost any shooting condition, but now you can add laval to the list. According to the story from Peta Pixel, Storm put the camera and its casing in a crack in a rock and waited for the lava to pass right over it. Once the lava had settled, Storm broke it out of a new rock encasing and noticed that the wi-fi light was still blinking. Truly amazing.

Not only is this a win for GoPro's feature list, but also is an amazing sign for camera technology and how far it has come in the last decade. 

GoPro released its first camera in 2005 and since has been improving them to be more durable, smaller, and higher quality. Additionally, camera makers around the world have also been making their cameras more durable, smaller, and higher quality as well. Maybe not in the same way that GoPro has, but this is a trend across all camera makers.

There has been an explosion in the last decade in the production of video cameras. As more and more people are watching video content on the web, more and more people are producing it. With that kind of demand, for both video and cameras, there has been a huge boom in the market for cameras. This has led to some amazing advancements in the physical hardware.

Cameras can do amazing things that they were not able to do just years ago and they have become much more widely available. It used to be that if you wanted to produce professional quality video you had to invest in a lot of big and expensive equipment. This fact restricted access to those with deep pockets. Now, you can produce professional quality video with your smartphone. This has opened up video production to people around the world.

There is no doubt that cameras have come a long way in the past few years, and the way the trends are going, paired up with the continued demand for video content on the web, it is likely that camera technology will only get better, and more affordable, going forward.


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