Daily Mail: Marketing Graduate Turns Language Tutor to Become a Huge YouTube Star

Posted April 26, 2017
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Lucy Earl was a marketing graduate when she decided that she had an idea for a YouTube channel. She borrowed some money to buy a camera and tripod, and to learn about shooting and lighting, and started making videos about learning English as a second language. Now, she has over 350,000 subscribers, and earns over $35,000 a year through advertising.

Lucy and her channel, English with Lucy, are a great example of how you really can start your own video or TV channel and turn it into a career. Lucy has found a niche for herself that is very specific and has a built in target audience that will always be there.  Additionally, her videos are evergreen, or not too topical, so they will be relevant for a long time. Astonishingly, she is able to do this just based on her initial 500 pound investment and the rest is profit because the overhead of making video is so low.

It used to be that if you wanted to start your own network or channel you had to pay millions of dollars just to get the channel on TV, then you had to spend millions more on equipment and staff. Now, you can basically do it for free with your time and a smartphone. The key is to make something that people will want to watch: whether it's compelling stories or instructionals, you have to make something that there will be an audience for. This is why we talk so much about finding a niche: because it has a built in audience of people who are interested in that niche. Furthermore, it has a built in set of advertisers as well.

Check out one of Lucy's videos below, and see all her videos on her YouTube Channel, and if you want to learn to make start your own channel check out our course on how to do it! 


A marketing graduate has become an internet sensation - and earns £30,000-a-year in advertising - by teaching the world the quirks of English on YouTube.

Lucy Earl, from Bedfordshire, turned down a number of job offers when she graduated from the University of Westminster and decided to continue with her YouTube channel, which teaches English language and culture - including swear words.

English With Lucy now has more than 350,000 subscribers from all over world, who ask her questions about life in Britain, how to pronounce words and popular sayings and phrases. 

Ms Earl, 22, set up the business with a £500 loan from her father. She bought a tripod and camera, taught herself how to shoot and about lighting and now earns more than the average teacher through advertising.

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