Karma Drone from GoPro

New Gear: GoPro Karma Drone & CineBody iPhone Super8 Case

Posted 6 years, 4 months ago

This week we are looking at two new pieces of gear that you may want to add to your pack.  Thay are the highly anticipated GoPro Karam Drone, which integrates the GoPro camera system with a newly designed drone, and the Super8 iPhone case from Cinebody.

GoPro Karma Drone:

Leave your favorite mount behind and take to the skies with the GoPro Karma Drone. More than a simple camera drone, the Karma is actually a series of separate accessories that work together to deliver great-looking aerial footage. It starts with the quadcopter itself, which has a folding design, a top speed of 35mph, and a run time of 20 minutes. The Karma Grip stabilizer slides inside, doing its best to keep your video smooth whether it's attached to the drone, a standard GoPro mount, or handheld. Finally, the touchscreen controller lets even novices get up and running with ease. The entire kit packs into a backback case, and is compatible with the new GoPro Hero 5 Black, Hero 5 Session, and the Hero 4.

Here's some video GoPro released of the Karma drone in action.

Cinebody Super8 Case:

The iPhone is already great at shooting video. The Cinebody iPhone Super8 Casemakes it better. Designed to recall cameras of yore, it has its own microphone, a trigger that makes it easy to start and stop recording, a spot to mount accessories, a focusing eyepiece, and interchangeable 58mm lenses that give you more shooting options than the built-in glass. When used with the companion app, you can also control exposure, frame rate, and focus, giving you a filming rig far more versatile than the built-in Camera app.


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