Remember HQ Trivia ? Well, He's Back

Posted May 07, 2020
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Do you remember HQ Trivia?

It was that nightly phnoe based quiz thing. 

For a while it was as hot as Candy Crush.

Do you remember Candy Crush?

Well, of course, that was all so very 2016

Or maybe 2019.

Before the VIRUS changed everythnig.

Now, as it turns out, phone video is down and laptop video is up. That's because everyone is working from home, and why suffer with that small screen when you can have a BIG screen (note to Quibi).

Scott Rogowsky, who started HQ has now launched a new nightly 'show' that is a perfect fit for the era of the virus.

IsoLateNigh with Scott Rogowski.

He does it from home.

And all it takes is a laptop

And some talent.

And, also, of course, doing it.

If Scott can do it, so can you.

The tech is already there.

Do you have the talent?

I dunno.

The nice part is, it costs nothing to find out.

If you want to learn how to do this, check this out. 





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