DoddleNews: FiLMiC Pro To Add Log Recording In 4K To The iPhone

Posted January 18, 2017
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Filmic Pro, the premiere video recording app for smartphones is updating to include log recording on iPhones.  Log recording is a format of video recording which allows for superior color correcting to allow you to make your videos look absolutely stunning.

James DeRuvo of DoddleNews reports on the update:

Every time that FiLMiC Pro comes out with another update, you wonder how far they can push the features to shoot video with the iPhone, and the latest update will allow you to shoot in 4K Log.

“Recently FiLMiC Pro sent out the beta version of what I consider the biggest update ever for this app. The interface is completely redesigned, but the best feature is that now we’re able to shoot with a Log/Flat picture profile. This is a huge deal, considering this is just a phone.” – Matteo Bertoli, filmmaker, Peta Pixel

Ordinarily, shooting in Log would be the domain of cameras like the Sony FS7Blackmagic URSA Mini, or the REDplatform. But now the flat codec is being picked up by more mainstream cameras like the Panasonic GH5. But a mobile phone? In 4K? WOW.

You mayhave to shoot with an iPhone 7 to do it, but Log enables shooters to shoot in a flatter, low saturation and low contrast configuration. So when you color grade it, you can not only bring back the color and contrast, but also the details that have been recorded in light and shadow.

Read the full article here.

For more information on log format check out this article from NoFilmSchool.


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