When The MMJ Becomes A Filmmaker

Posted August 05, 2020
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When we teach the bootcamps for the VJs or MMJs, we always tell them that we are taking Hollywood movie making techniques and marrying them to great journalism.

We tell the MMJs and VJs that we are no longer making local TV news stories (or network for that matter), but now we are making movies. Movies about rreal peope and real stories and real life.

It is inevitable that as our graduates' work matures, they will become increasingly sophisticated in their video and more and more become documentary filmmakers and less 'news reporters'.

That is what has happened here.

Regard the work of Spectrum News1 MMJ Itay Hod.

He took the Bootcamp in NY a bit more than a year ago, but now, he has crossed the line from reporter or MMJ for that matter to documentary filmmaker - with an iPhone

This is Part 1 of a 4-part series on race relations in LA.  

Two characters, one black, one white. 

One an LAPD cop.

It's a great story.

Take a look at Part 1, posted abover

This is TV journalism taken to an entirely new level of sophistication

And still, I am quite sure, he is just getting started.


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