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Posted June 14, 2017
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ShareGrid is a website that lets your rent video equipment from other video producers in your area and lets you rent out your gear. The website is trying to be the AirBnB of camera gear, matching people's extra gear not in use with people in need of gear. 

If you are setting up a shoot for a project there may come a time when you want to use a piece of equpment that is not in your kit. Maybe it's a radio mic kit, an action camera or something else you don't own, just go onto ShareGrid, type in what you are looking for and where and see if someone near you wants to rent their gear to you.

On the otherside, let's say that you have some equipment that you don't use everyday or want to make a little extra cash from, you can post your gear and wait for people to reach out to you to use it.

This is a great tool for VJs who want to keep their kits light, and not have to rely on the expensive rental houses for equipment for shoots. It's also a great way to turn your kit into a supplimentary income source.

ShareGrid is currently fully supported in New York, LA, San Francisco, Seattle and Atlanta, with expanding support in other areas depending on supply. All you have to do is go to their site, type in what you are looking for, and find the right deal at the right place for you. As the sharing economy continues to grow this is . a great resources whether your are looking for gear, or looking for a little extra cash. 


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