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Still from iPhone X 4K Cinematic Video Footage (Kauai) Credit: Matteo Bertoli Visuals

Amazing Cinematic Video Shot on iPhone X

Posted November 17, 2017
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The iPhone X has been out for a few weeks now and we are already seeing some amazing things being done with it. Sure, people are excited about the face ID and animojis, but here at VJ we are most excited about the camera. As we have reported before, the camera on the iPhone X is one of the best camera systems every produced on a smartphone. The footage that you can get with it is astounding, and is sure to change the way that people thing about smartphone video production and what you can truly do with it.

With the iPhone X finally in some lucky people's hands, we have seen some amazing video come through that has been produced with it. One such video is this one, shot in 4K, without any accessories or extra lenses, from Matteo Bertoli:

As Bertoli says in the video's description, he shot this completely on the X without any accessories like lenses, tripods, or sliders, shot everything in 4K at 24fps in the iPhone's native camera app -- not any app like FilmicPro, and edited it, and did some minor color grading, in DaVinci Resolve 14 (an editing software). That is amazing. This video looks like it could have been made with the most expensive Hollywood level equipment, but rather it was just the latest iPhone.

The iPhone X represents a continuing trend towards mobile video production that has accelerated in the past few years. Camera systems on smartphones are getting better and better making it easier to create amazingly cinematic videos with the smartphone in your pocket. No longer do you need big fancy equipment to produce professional video and smartphones make great cameras for any shooting situation -- but particularly when you need a lot of flexibility on the shoot.

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