Daryn Kagan Makes A Business Out of Video

Posted February 27, 2020
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We have had a lot of people take our video bootcamp, but we don't often get former cable news anchors.

So when Daryn Kagan showed up, we were a bit apprehensive.

Our primary rule is 'you need to forget everything you know or think you know.'

Our whole process is different.

Fortunately, Daryn 'got it' almost immediately, and now she is making a good living running her own video companies.

Earlier this week, she posted a notice on Facebook and an example of her most recent work - see below. 

I am simply going toi reprint, with permission, what she wrote.

It more than speaks for itself.


Little story and announcement of sorts.
Back in the day when I started in news, it was considered smalltime to have to shoot and edit your own video.
Fast forward a zillion years to today.
When I'm in the storytelling business.
For DarynKagan.com.
For MilesHusband.com
For various clients.
And I came to realize, shooting and editing is something I want to know how to do.
Do well.
Especially, with how technology is changing.
So much is possible.

My dear friend, Cater Lee, says to me, "You need to meet Michael Rosenblum and check out his VJ.com program."
They are training journalists all over the country a new way to shoot, edit and create character-driven content.
I was intrigued.
I checked out the website, started a conversation with Michael. 
Sent him some things I had been shooting and editing.
Stuff I was really proud of.
He wasted no time.
Told me it was all crap.

I was more intrigued.
Told me to get myself up to one of his and Lisa Lamden's 4-day bootcamps.
So I did just that last summer.
His goal--to get the old-fashioned news style out of my brain.
Somehow, in four days, they did just that.
I'm sold.
A disciple.
The journey has been incredible.
Wayne Dyer once said, "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."
Shooting and editing your own stuff is not bush-league.
It's a whole other, incredibly powerful tool in modern storytelling.
I've known how to do this with words for most of my life.

Now, I'm doing it with video.
My business is rapidly expanding to do the kind of storytelling you'll see below.
Just one of the clients who is hiring me to come tell their positive, content.
I share all this today to say, I'd love to come work with you and discuss your storytelling needs.
to share with my fellow journalists.
The secret is to embrace the change and possibilities new technology brings us, not waste time mourning a time that has passed.

And for anyone currently in news, out, PR, blogging, vlogging--I cannot recommend TheVJ.com bootcamp enough.
I've constantly been learning and picking up new skills since I left CNN.
This bootcamp was hands down the most valuable investment I've made.
Get yourself there.

Itay Hod Gillian Stollwerk Garrett Diana Earwood Allison Satter Hill Steven Goudy D'lynne Plummer Lauren Bolden. So thankful this latest chapter has led me to cross your path.

Assignment below:
Pie baking entrepreneur wants to tell the story of their new pie baking kit, feature an organic farmer, and get the idea across that a customer can make a pie and support a farmer.
Oh, and do it in 2 min.
Intrigued? You can find them at PieProvisions.com.

We love working with local farmers, and Dick Byne of Byne Blueberry Farms is one of our favorites! Video produced by: Daryn Kagan


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