Shoulderpod G2

The New G2 Smartphone Video Grip from Shoulderpod

Posted December 04, 2019
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Do you produce videos with your smartphone? Do you have a lot of accessories you use? Do you have trouble keeping everything hooked up while you are shooting? Then this may be for you: Shoulderpod has released its latest smartphone rig the G2 for mobile video producers.

One of the major issues when producing video with your smartphone with accessories is being able to hold everything comfortably while shooting. Like other Shoulderpod rigs (among other companies' products) the grip allows you to attach your phone along with other accessories like microphones and lights for easy use.

Where the G2 is different is in its size and mobility. While others are large and in many ways counteract the flexibility and mobility of smartphones, this rig is small, lightweight and allows you to use your smartphone as the small camera that it is while still being able to use all your accessories.

Take a look at the specs and price of the Shoulderpod G2 here.


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