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The Biggest VJ (MoJo, MMJ) TV Station in the World - Spectrum 1 - LA

Posted December 17, 2018
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We're been running VJ bootcamps with Spectrum, (the merger of Charter and Time/Warne) to construct the world's largest all VJ (or MMJ or MoJo) TV stations - Spectrum1, Los Angeles.

Everyone here is a VJ, and Spectrum is fielding more than 42 VJs to cover LA every day - all of them have gone through our intensive video bootcamp.

When we run the bootcamps, we tell everyone from the start to forget everythnig they know or think they know about making video and TV, and work only in the way we show them.

Our goal here is not to make a cheaper and simpler version of local TV news, but rather to create an entirely different kind of video journalism - one that is far more intimate, powerful and visually oriented.

As well, we teach people to aspire to a 1:1 shootin ratio - to think out the story and what they will neeed BEFORE they start to shoot, and then to shoot for the timeline. 

Above, the secod piece from bootcamp training, done by JD Carrere, a new MMJ for Spectrum1.  

He, like the station, is off to a great start. 


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