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FiLMiC announces FiLMiC Audio app at NAB 2019

Posted April 10, 2019
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At the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) 2019 in Las Vegas there have been plenty of exciting equipment and technology announcements. One that's caught our eye was FiLMiC Pro's announcement of a new app for recording audio called FiLMiC Audio.

You are probably familiar with FiLMiC Pro, the powerful video recording app for smartphones that allows you to gain manual control of your smartphone's camera and is very popular among smartphone video producers. The new app is for recording audio to FiLMiC Pro. What makes the app so exciting to us is its ability to talk to another device using FiLMiC Pro and transfer and synch audio files with the video file being recorded to that you can use more microphones and get amazing sounds. 

Audio is definitely one of the last remaining weak points for producing professional video with your smartphone. While there are plenty of microphones you can buy designed specifically for smartphones, in most cases (unless you are using a complex rig of wires and adaptors) you can only use one mic per device due to the limited inputs. With this new app, you can basically create a web of microphones using multiple devices. You can have your main camera recording in FiLMiC Pro, and then another device or two using the FiLMiC Audio app to record sound and then transfer it all and synch it with the main video file. 

Sounds good in theory. We're excited for this to come out and see how it works in practice.