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Photographers Move To Video

Posted November 03, 2016
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In a recent article in WITNESS , professional photographer Adrian Hadland discusses the state of the professional photography business.

It is a profession under enormous pressure.  The advent of digital photography, and smart phone cameras in particular have made 'everyone' a photographer - if not a professioal.

For those who made their living, or who continue to make their living with a still camera, times are difficult, and not likely to get better.

You may (and should) read the entire article at the link above, but the most interesting pargraph, from my perspective, was this one:

With billions of camera-equipped smartphones in circulation around the world, some participants bemoaned what has been called the “massification” of image creation. “Everyone is a photographer nowadays,” said one plaintive contributor.

To survive and thrive in the digital era, photographers were diversifying their skills and services, our study revealed.

We found that photographers were increasingly being asked to produce video content for clients. This year, 37 percent of the study’s respondents said they were required to work with video compared to 32 percent last year.

Almost all of the study participants said they would prefer to shoot only still photographs, but had little choice than to provide what their clients and the market wanted.

In my own experience, professional photographers can make a powerful transition to video. They have the 'eye' and they know where to place a camera.

Video is primarily a visual medium. Shooting great video is a lot like creating a picture-driven story, but with a 10 second exposure for each shot, instead of 1/125.

That having been said, what photographers need to add to their arsenal is storytelling.

Which is what we really focus on at TheVJ.

Marry a great eye with great storytelling, and you create a killer videographer.

That doesn't preclude someone from still taking stils (I still do!), but it really expands the potential for getting and delivering great work for pay. 


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