Canon EOS 80D Video Creator Kit

Holiday Gift Guide: Canon EOS 80D Video Creator Kit

Posted December 11, 2017
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The Holiday Season is upon us. It's time to start thinking about (and buying) some gifts for the people in your life. Whether you are looking for a gift for a friend, family members, or yourself, we have some great ideas for you here at VJ. One such gift is the Canon EOS 80D Video Creator Kit.

DSLR cameras are some of the most popular cameras on the market, and Canon is one of the top camera brands producing them at all price levels. Not including the iPhone and other smartphones, the Canon EOS 80D is one of the most used cameras for digital video out there.

DSLR cameras are so popular because of their ease of use, and the quality of the image that they can produce. DSLR cameras allow the video producer to easily use amazing lenses that give their images a cinematic look that is difficult to rival (although not impossible with some of the newer smartphones out there). Not only does the lens allow for a great image, but the camera allows you to easily manage focus, exposure, frame-rate, and other manual functions that give you amazing control over the image -- for better or for worse.

The Canon EOS 80D is a great starter camera for those looking to take the next step in their video career. It has all of the manual functions, with an easy user interface to learn the ins and outs of manual settings on. This is a great camera no matter what kind of videos you want to make. It is incredibly versatile. This set is so great because it comes with a lens, SD card, microphone and more!

Check out the kit and buy for $1,399.00 from Amazon.

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