Create a Project

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Subject: Mobile

Title: Create a Project


In this lesson you will learn: -How to create a project -How to import footage from your device's camera roll -How to rename a project -How to save a project The first thing you need to do in iMovie for iOS is create a new project to work in.


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The iMovie app is virtually the same on both the iPhone and iPad, but where there are differences, we’ll point them out as we go through this course.

We recommend that you use your iPhone or iPad in landscape orientation to allow for more space as you edit, and for more options to be displayed on the screen.

The first time that you open the iMovie app, you’ll get a welcome screen that displays some of the features that iMovie offers. Tap Continue.

Next you’ll see the Projects screen with the Projects option already selected at the top, and a ‘create project' option ready for you to click on. One of the other options at the top is Video. If you tap this, you’ll see any video that’s available to you from your camera roll.

If you tap on Theater, you’ll see projects that you’ve already created if you have any.

To create a project, tap on Projects option, and then tap the plus button. Each time you tap to create a new project you can choose to create a movie or a trailer. The Movie option gives you much more flexibility to create your video the way you would like, whereas the Trailer option works within a very specific pre-determined template.

For the purposes of this course, tap on the Movie option.

If you’re working on an iPhone, you’ll be taken directly to the Moments browser from your camera roll. To see your other media, tap on ‘Media’ in the top left corner, which will reveal all of the Media sidebar options. If you’re working an iPad, the Media browser options will already be visible along the left side of the screen.

Before you can name your new project, you need to add at least one piece of media to it.

At this point, it doesn’t matter what media you choose, since you can just delete it as soon as you’ve named your project. So I’ll go to my Moments browser, tap on a still image and then tap on Create movie at the bottom of the screen. A progress bar will appear briefly followed by the project editing interface screen, and I can see that the still image I selected earlier has been added to my project timeline.

Next I’ll tap “Done” to go back to my project page, and if I tap on the text “My Movie” the keyboard will come up. I’ll tap on the "X” to delete the text, type in a new name and then tap Done in the keyboard window.

Now I’ll tap the “Edit” button to open the project editing interface again. To delete the still image that I added, I’ll tap on it once and then tap‘ delete’ in the lower right corner. Now you have your correctly named project all ready to go.