Videon: New App for iPhone Video Producers

Posted September 20, 2017
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Video producers and journalists know that smartphones, in particular the iPhone, is a great tool for producing video on the go and in the field. It's lightweight, can connect to the internet, has a great camera, and you can get many apps to help you shoot, edit and share great video.

There are many apps out there that make producing video on an iPhone easier and ensures you get the best quality. From shooting apps like Filmic Pro, to editing apps like iMovie, there are plenty of options out there, but today we found one that puts it all in one: Videon.

Videon is an app for iPhone that is the all in one solution for producers. You can shoot in the app, with manual controls similar to Filmic Pro, and then you can edit that video together and publish, all in the same app. No more having to transfer files from app to app on your device, but rather you can do it all from within one environment. This is a great solution for when you are working out on location or in the field and you want to have a quick turn around and get your video up on the web and social platforms.

Just like other shooting apps, you can manually set focus, white balance, exposure and other manual settings in the app, as well as then unlike other shooting apps, you can easily switch to editing mode and put together the clips you just shot with text, graphics and transitions. 

Check out this review and demo from YouTuber Daniel Bradshaw:

Buy the app for $4.99 from the App Store.