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This Map Shows Your Drone Law Around the World

Posted September 25, 2017
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Since more and more people have been using drones for professional and personal use in the past few years, cities, states and countries have created regulation around them. The law can vary from place to place so if you are taking your drone out for a fly you will want to be familiar with what is and isn't legal for you to do.

Blogger Anil Polat has made an interactive map of the world's drone laws:

Drones are amazing tools for video producers, letting them get shots that were unimaginable, or simply way too expensive to pull off, simply and easily. The only thing standing in the way of these producers in many cases is regulations (or battery life).

When talking with producers and drone enthusiasts there is a lot of misinformation or misunderstood information out there. Additionally it can take a lot of time and effort to traverse government websites to get to the proper drone regulation you are looking for.

Happy flying!


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