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Sundance and Adobe Launch Short Film Challenge for Young Video Producers

Posted September 04, 2018
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Last week we told you about some great film festivals and opportunities for recognition and prizes for young filmmakers, and today we have another great opportunity for young filmmakers from Sundance and Adobe. The Sundance Ignite program is for filmmakers and video producers between the ages 18-24 and is a year-long mentorship program.

The program is focussed on short films, both narrative and documentary and all you need to apply is a one to eight-minute short that speaks to the program's mission: "what stories ignite you and demonstrate the power of film to ignite creativity, passion, and impact."

Applications can be submitted until September 17th, 2018 and you can apply here.

Being a video producer professionally, even as a young person, has never been easier. It used to be that if you wanted to make a short film or documentary you needed a lot of time, money, and equipment. Now all you need is some time and a smartphone. No longer do you need thousands of dollars for lights and lenses and other equipment when your smartphone, which most people (including young people) already own. So with the barrier of entry so low then there's nothing stopping anyone from getting recognized, and earning a good living, producing video. 


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