Should I Get An iPhone 11?

Posted September 24, 2019
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There was a time when every time a new iteration of the iPhone came out, people would line up at the Apple Store at 3 in the morning to be the first to get their hands on the new phones.

That's because, in 'those days', the advances from model to model were substantial - particularly for those of us who use it mostly for video.

But, as with any technology, you get to the point where the 'advances' are marginal, at best.

Of course, the manufacturers still have to sell the stuff, so they come up with 'advances' that are often, at best, questionable, and often simply useless.

I would point to the television industry.  It used to be that TV sets (if you remember those) adavnced by leaps and bounds from year to year - color, remote control, flat screens, smart TVs.  But you get to a point where the advances plateau.  So the manufacturer has to come up with advances that are nohting but icing on an an already over-iced cake.  Curved screen, 3D... Got a 3D TV?  Me neither. 

Now, Apple releases the iPhone 11.

What does it got?

The Eleven (Thank God they didn't call it the X-EYE) comes in two models - the standard for $700 and the 3-lens Pro ($1000).  The resolution from the 11 is in fact not all that different from the X, which in fact was not all that different from the 8. When it comes to the 3-lens Pro, I am not so sure that this is worth droppng a grand on.  

The 3 lenses allow you to switch between a standard lens, a wide angle and a telephoto.  To me, this is a bit like curved screen TV sets - interesting but largely pointless, at least for video.  As you know, we are great fans of 'don't move the camera - or phone - when you are shooting. If you want to get closer, walk in.'

I can imagine that there are times when you might - might - want a wide angle when shooting video - a very few times - but in those cases, you might want simply to append a lens to your iPhoneX.  Likewise for telephoto, but again, walk in - unless you can't.  Wildlife and sports - but frankly, DSLR is better for these.

Finally, the eleven is not 5G.  To me, this is a bit crazy.  5G is going to be a big game-changer. So, unless you have an iPhone7 and want an upgrade, I would wait for the 12 - or the X-eye-eye.  



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