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Filmic Remote Companion App for Filmic Pro

Posted January 26, 2021
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Filmic Pro is a great shooting app for smartphones that allows you to take manual control of your device's camera. This can allow you to shoot footage that looks much more polished, professional, and cinematic than with just your device's native camera app. Filmic Remote is a companion app that can make working with Filmic Pro even better. 

The app allows you to have remote control over your Filmic Pro app. As long as you are on the same wifi network as the Filmic Pro device, you can connect to it using Remote. This could be useful if you have set up a shot that may offer difficult access to your device for control. So all you have to do is connect to Remote and then you can control Filmic Pro from the secondary device. No need to touch the camera device's screen at all. 

Filmic Remote has three different modes that you can enter into while you are connected to Filmic Pro. The first is Control Mode. In this mode, you have an exact clone of the screen on your camera device. Here you can control everything from focus and exposure to audio monitoring and more.

Next is Monitor Mode. In this mode, you are given a customizable breakdown of the analytical features of Filmic Pro including waveform monitor, vectorscope, and 4 selectable histograms.

Lastly is Director Mode. In this mode, you will just see the video output of the camera device without any of the Filmic Pro controls or analytics. This can be useful to get a full sense of the frame that you are capturing.

You can get the app from the iOS App Store or Google Play. 


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