The iPhone 2020 SE Could Be The Answer To Your Prayers

Posted May 09, 2020
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We used to own 50 camcorders.

We used them for our bootcamps.

We also owned a few Sony XM cameras.

We used them for our production work

When the iPhone8 came along, we sold them all on eBay.

No need for them, not when the iPhone suddenly deliverd such great quality video.

Then, of course, came the X and then the 11, wiht the 12, no doubt somehwere in the pipeline,

But the X and it's brothers are expensive. 

The iPhone 11 Pro is $1,000 and so is the Galaxy, not that I care much for Android, but that' s another story. 

Apple,. which has always been the highest price item not matter what you were buying, seems to have anticiapted the impact of the lockdown and released a new model, the 2020SE which has the same video quality as the 8 (which is the same, more or less, as the X and the 11) but costs about half of what the 11 doea.

At $400, technically $399, you get a really top quality video camera that probably gives you everything you need. 

It is true, there are a few things missing. There is no such thing as a free lunch, but this phone comes close.

It does not have the multiple lenses that the 11 had, but I never use them anyway, so no great loss there.  It doesn't have Face ID (and maybe the world is going, that is no bad thing), it also does not have Deep Fusion, Night Mode or Slofies. 

Who cares?

What id does deliver for a rock bottom price is the ability to shoot 4K, edit in the phone,add music and graphics and share with the world or live stream. And it has Apple's dependability and compatability with the Macbook you already own.

Perfect, for example, for making music videos.  

Goodbye Luma Fusion.

It is also water resistant.

Alas Apple did not go back to a mini plug. Those days would seem to be over no matter what the price. 

But overall, if you are looking to upgrade from your 7 or 6 (or Android), this is a real value for money deal.