My Interview With Frank Morano 970-AM The Answer

Posted 3 years ago

On Sunday morning, I did a 1-hour interview with talk radio host Frank Morano on 917 AM - The Answer

You don't often get a chance to do a full hour interview on the radio, but Frank had found me new book, Don't Watch This: How The Media Are Destroying Your Life so interesting that he gave me the whole slot. 

You can cover a lot of stuff in an hour!  

Mostly, we talked about how 40+ years of an addictive medium like TV, video or movies has a warping impact on soclety.

Among other things, spending 8 hours a day, every day, watching other people do stuff teaches you, over and over, to be passive.

It also teaches you that if you just sit and watch, someone, somehow is going to come along and solve the problem.

Which is why we look at things like Climate change and figure someone is going to solve this somehow.

But not me.

Check out the whole hour here.


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