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Facebook Live 360 Now Available World-Wide

Posted March 31, 2017
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Facebook announced this week that it is expanding its new Live 360 feature to all of its users globally. 360 video was introduced to the site about two years ago and Live 360 had a limited release in December, and both have had a lot of success on the site and have gained popularity with Facebook users. Now anyone can post a Live 360 video from their profile or page.

If you want to do one of these you will need a compatible VR or 360 camera to do it. Facebook is working to expand its list but even so far compatible cameras include Samsung's Gear 360, Giroptic IO, Insta360 Air, ALLie Camera, Z CAM S1, and Nokia OZO.

Whether 360 and VR are just a trend or a serious step in video innovation is yet to be decided by the market. As we talked about in a previous video it is difficult to predict what technologies will catch on and which will fade away, but if the success that Facebook has had with 360 continues, then it could be with us for a while.

Also shown in this announcement is the continued success of the Live platform. There is a strong want, both to broadcast oneself on the internet, as well as consume other's live broadcasts. This, probably even more so than 360 video, is a drastic shift in the way that content can be distributed and consumed.

The barrier to entry for broadcasting is now basically zero, which means that anyone can do it if they want. Amazingly, people are entering, and this only further democratizes the way we think of media. Everyone has a voice so now it is time to make yours matter. You can produce professional video, and the tools have never been more accessible.

To learn how to do a Live 360 video head her for a step by step guide:

Read Facebook's announcement here.


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