GoPro Hero6
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The New GoPro Hero6

Posted September 29, 2017
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GoPro has released its new model: the Hero6. 

It may not look too different from the Hero5, but the new model has plenty of new features and specs that make it the company's best model to date in a very competitive market of action cameras.

The Hero6, like the previous model, has a waterproof and shockproof body and comes with a protective case. It has a LCD screen for monitoring and playback and can shoot video, photos, slow motion and timelapse.

The new model can shoot in 4K at 60fps, 2.7k at 120fps, 1080p at 240fps. It has a new in-house designed chip the will give the camera improved fidelity, color and overall performance at low light. Additionally, the new model has the best stabilization of any GoPro before leading to smoother footage. Like previous models it has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth to connect to devices seamlessly.

Also new with the Hero6 is a new feature built-in called Quik Stories. The new feature takes your shot footage and edits it together automatically for GoPro's social platform and it is shared with other GoPro users around the world.

Learn more about the new model and buy the Hero6 for $499 from GoPro.


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