Gear: The iPhone 7 is Here

Posted September 08, 2016
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Apple announced the iPhone 7 yesterday at their event. The much anticipated phone is going to start shipping and will be in stores by the end of the month.

The iPhone 7 has a whole host of new features including a new operating software, higher resolution screen, and the much discussed loss of the headphone jack.  Headphones for the new phone wil now either have to connect via bluetooth or through the lightning power port. 

While many have focused on the loss of the headphone jack, the phone packs new camera features as well that should take your smartphone video production to new heights.  The standard camera on the phone has been improved for better footage in low light, and a new 12 MP sensor. The larger 7 Plus model will feature a dual lens on the back making the zoom on the camera slightly better. 

In addition to the new camera specs, one of the other new aspects of the phone is that it will be water resistant.  Now this doesn't mean you'll be able to take it scuba-diving as you may be able to do with your GoPro, but you can take you phone now to those more rugged shooting locations.

We can't wait here in the office to get our hands on one and show you the great footage it's going to get.

Check out the iPhone 7 here.


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