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Posted November 08, 2016
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Final Cut isn't the only one getting an update.  Filmic Pro has released two new updates recently with support for new features associated with the iPhone 7 and the DJI Osmo. 

One feature that we really like is the ability to remotely control Filmic Pro from another iPhone so you can have the camera in place without having to be right next to it.

James DeRuvo for Doddle News has more on the new updates:

FiLMiC Pro has been updated, not once but twice, to support the different features available with the iPhone 7 Plus and the DJI Osmo Mobile Handheld Stabilizer. The updates include direct control of devices and some great new “game changing production value.” What could do all that? Let’s take a look.

 The first update, vs. 5.3, which came out on September 1st, was for the OSMO Mobile and gives the OSMO direct control of FiLMiC Pro features including  Start/stop record, focus/exposure lock, and focus pulls.  Yes that’s right, FOCUS PULLS! Who says you can’t use a video camera app to pull focus?

Other feature updates in vs. 5.3 include support for FiLMiC Pro’s Remote app, which has been re-released as version 2.0.  Through this app, you can connect and control FiLMiC Pro from a second iPhone and make changes remotely to focus, exposure, white balance, torch, zoom and record. The really cool thing is that you can do a multi camera style shoot with a virtually limitless number of devices including iPad and even old iPod Touch devices.

Read the full article.


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