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The Power of Video Storytelling Comes to High Fashion

Posted November 23, 2020
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There is perhaps nothing quite so iconic as the fashion show with its live runway in the world of fashion.

But Gucci, a real powerhouse in the fashion biz has now moved from the traditional runway to a series of short video stories.

Faced with the closing of the traditional live show owing to Covid, Gucci turned to Hollywood filmmaker Gus Van Sant and asked him to create a 4-part video series - storytelling, married to fashion.

“It was the first time we’ve done something like you’d find on Netflix,” said Van Sant

And it both works and makes sense.

People, particularly during lockdown, are spending a lot of time on Netflix or Hulu or HBO. They are pre-conditioned for storytelling on their screens. And Gucci is tapping into that fertile ground

How much more interesting and engaging, in fact, the video stories prove when compared to the runways, which are exciting when you are there, but not much to watch on a screen if you are not. They have no audio, they have no plot and they are in fact rather visually dull and repetiive.

Not stories.

Whether other fashion houses will follow suit remains to be seend, but it is probably. The video stories also are evergreen.  You don't have to be there live. They can be put online and seen at any time.

Here's the first episode

When you watch it, you'll see that it is a bit, well, pretentious might be a good adjective.  The Fashion world might to better with simpler story telling. After all, The Queen's Gambit, a story everyone loved, apparently set off a fashion trend on its own.

That's the power of great storytelling. 



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