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Blink - Real Time Video Editor

Posted July 13, 2017
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A new video editing app from Anomalous called Blink wants to make editing on your iOS device simple and seamless - while still retaining many powerful features people are looking for. Designed for video makers on the go, Blink's main selling point is its claim for minimal loading times and no render times -- every tool works in real time.

You can shoot directly into the app, add filters and color correction, record voiceover, and export to your favorite platform all right from the app. Additional features include: shooting at 30,60,120, and 240 fps, adding music and sound effects from your iTunes library, volume and audio panning controls, cinema grade color control, trimming, cropping, and split videos, multiple aspect ratios, transitions, speed adjustment, and much more. 

This app is probably not best for editing your 10 minute documentary on, but Blink certainly is great for short social videos and looks to give iMovie for iOS a run for it's money. You can download the app now for $3.99 from the app store.