You know that we believe that you can make professional broadcast quality video with the phone in your pocket, but few in the mainstream media have fully embraced that idea.  However, that attitude may be shifting as more and more journalist are using phones to file reports.  Added to that list is The BBC.

from has the story:

With smartphones now capable of capturing quality video footage suitable for broadcast on network television, not every video package that makes it on air is filmed by a traditional camera crew.

Last month at the BBC, video innovation journalist Dougal Shaw and business correspondent Joe Lynam worked together to film a whole story on an iPhone 6S Plus, shown on BBC London’s 6pm and 10pm news bulletins on 30 October, alongside packages shot with bigger, more traditional equipment.

"We kept our eyes peeled for a good story that we could get on a news bulletin, but not so time-sensitive that we would feel under immense pressure doing it on a mobile phone," explained Shaw, who chose to cover the new hub for technology companies being unveiled at the Olympics site in East London.

"I wanted to prove that it could be done, and Joe wanted to learn mobile journalism (mojo) skills. As part of his career development, he wanted to be on top of all these things."

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