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The New York Times Wants to Hire a Journalist to Travel the World

Posted October 24, 2017
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The New York Times has announced that it is searching for a journalist to travel the world for one year and document the journey for the paper.

The Times says they are looking for someone social media savvy and digital media so it is safe to assume that video skills would be a plus, if not required, for this position.

Every year the Times publishes a 52 places to visit list for the year and now they want someone to go to all of those places and create content around it. Traveling the world is a dream for many; doing it for a job can seem incomprehensible, but the opportunity has now arrived.

It can be expected that a lot of people are going to apply for this position and the competition is going to be fierce, but you don't need the New York Times to tell you to travel the world and make videos. If that is what you want to do, then you should go do it.

There has never been a better time to produce and sell video, and travel videos are incredibly popular both on TV and the web. As many people wish they could travel the world, they are drawn to travel shows and videos. It is like taking a trip through the video. While there are plenty of channels and shows out there making travel video, you can always find a new niche or a new angle to make your work stand out and find its audience, and ultimately people like seeing interesting videos about the world.

Apply for the Times job and hope for the best, but if you really want to make travel videos, book a flight, get your camera, and start producing.

Apply for the job here.

Job description:

Every year, The New York Times recommends 52 Places to Go, one place to dream about exploring each week. The list is an ambitious forecast of which beaches will remain unspoiled, which starchitect-designed museums will live up to their renderings and which culinary treasures are worth hopping a flight to eat.

This year, we want at least one ambitious traveler to turn our wish list into an itinerary.

We are seeking a correspondent who will go to every destination on our list and tell us the story of each place and the story of life on the road. The ideal candidate is a permanent student of life and astute documentarian of the world. This person should have a well-worn passport, the ability to parachute into a place and distill its essence and to render a compelling tale with words and images.

Media experience is required, as is fluency in English, expertise in social media and facility with digital devices. Familiarity with languages beyond English is a plus though not a requirement.

  • Has traveled to several destinations.
  • Have documented travel in writing, social media or elsewhere.
  • Is active on social media.
  • Has prior experience at a magazine, publishing company, newspaper, digital publication, film or other media organization.Can commit to a full year.


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