DJI Osmo 3

DJi Osmo Mobile 3

Posted November 05, 2019
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DJI has released a new version of its popular smartphone gimbal the Mobile Osmo 3. Improving on the already popular product the new design builds on the success of previous models and fixes some limitations as well.

When DJI released its first smartphone gimbal, smartphone video production was very much in its Infancy and a new world of video-related accessories hit the market to keep up with this new demand. Specifically, the Osmo allowed video producers to get smooth video without shake or tremor, regardless of whether it was a static or moving shot. Now in its third iteration, the Osmo 3 shows how mobile video production has matured and the accessories have matured as well.

Much of the Osmo 3 is similar to the previous designs. The gimbal works with a clamp for your phone and does not require any complicated setup or extraneous parts like screws and such. It uses a 3-axis gimbal system to smooth your motion while using, but where this model exceeds previous models is first with its foldable design, making it incredibly easy to pack and store, and the new placement of the clamp for your smartphone. While on the previous models the clamp for your phone covered the bottom of the phone, making your devices ports useless, this model clamps your device from the sides and frees up your ports for accessories or power. 

The Osmo 3 also has a simplified interface on the handle with a thumb joystick allowing you to recenter, manually control the gimbal, a recentering trigger that can also be used to recenter your phone as well as track while held down, and a record button so that you don't have to tap your device's screen. 

The Osmo can be used with an array of apps on your device including your device's native camera app, FilmicPro or other camera apps, as well as DJI's Mimo app. 

The DJI Osmo Mobile 3 is available now from DJI for $119. 

Check it out here.