Video of the Day: Hiking the Great Wall of China with my Dog

Posted April 05, 2017
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Today's video of the day comes to us from YouTuber Victa V and his dog Amanda. The two of them leave the city for an expedition to the Great Wall of China and it makes for a great little video. What essentially was a day trip was packed into a minute and seventeen seconds.

There are a few reasons why I like this video, aside from the cute dog. The first is the arc of story. You know right off the bat, from the title, that they are going to hike the Great Wall, but we don't start there. We start at the man's home, which takes the viewer on a journey, and makes them anticipate finally getting to the wall. This makes the video feel much more full, rather than just having the whole video be the two of them hiking the wall, that turns into the payoff for the video. 

Secondly is the ways that he compresses time very effectively. As mentioned before we have a whole day compressed into about a minute here and he does this through effective use of music in the second half, as well as some editorially driven jump cuts throughout. 

Overall, a simple concept, but executed almost perfectly.


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