Tour of the Interface

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Subject: Editing

Title: Tour of the Interface


Take a tour of the Premiere Pro interface and get the breakdown of each section.


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Once you’ve created your Premiere Pro CC project, the blank editing interface will appear. The Project Panel is located in the lower left corner. This where your projects can be organized and you can access the media clips that you’ll use in your edit.

This is also where you’ll find tabs for the Media Browser, Info on selected sequences and clips, video and audio effects and markers, all of which we’ll go over in later lessons. In the top left corner of the interface is the Source monitor.

This is where you’ll screen and mark your clips that are located in the Project panel before adding them to your timeline located here. A timeline is a graphic representation of your movie as you build it that’s called a Sequence. You can have more than one Sequence loaded here, and they will appear as separate tabs along the top, so that you can switch between them.

The Program monitor is located in the top right of the interface and is where you will screen the sequence that you’re building. The Toolbar is located to the left of the timeline, and the audio meters window is located to the right of the timeline and displays your audio levels in real time as you play back your sequence.

You can re-size any of these windows by hovering your mouse cursor over the edge of the panel until you see the bi-directional arrows icon appear and then by dragging it. To return to the original layout, go to the Window menu, choose Workspaces than choose Reset Current Workspace. A dialog box will appear asking if you’re sure if you want to return to the original layout. Click Yes. Those are the main areas in Premiere Pro. There are a lot of other icons and buttons, but we’ll go over those in later lessons.

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