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A Great Example of Storytelling

Posted July 28, 2020
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We are very much opposed to written scripts

They lock you in.

You can'r really be in touch with the power of the video and the audio when youa are writing a script and then covering it with b-roll

These kinds of stories tend to be sterile, not to engage the audience.

Great storytelling has little to do with writing and everyting to do with the art of telling a story.

So we like our MMJs, and we train, them, to simply watch the cut pictrues on the timeline and the soundbites and then tell (and record) a story as they watch it in reatl time

This takes a bit of getting used to but when it work, it really connects with the viewers.

Take a look at this example from Susan Arbeiter who took our bootcamp last week.

Susan is the host of Capita News Tonight on Specttrum News 1 in Albany, NY.

Listen to her track

You see how engaging it is

She is not narrating a package

She is telling you a story



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