5 Best 50mm Lenses for Under $100

Posted October 04, 2017
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If you shoot on a DSLR you know that what makes your images look so good is the lens that you attach to the body. While the sensor and various camera functions help make your video look better, it is the glass and lens that make your video look cinematic and professional.

If you are starting out, you may believe that the more expensive the lens, the better looking image you will get -- particularly considering how expensive lenses can cost. While there may be some truth to that, you can still get plenty of bang for your buck with a less expensive lens. 

When thinking about what your first lens should be, many people suggest that you start off with a 50mm lens. This size lens is versatile, easy to use, and gives you a lot of range. It's good to have a starter lens like this that you can get familiar with lens shooting. If you are coming from a smartphone setup, or a consumer handycam, then you will want to take a look at a cost-effective 50mm lens to learn the basics of manual lens shooting.

YouTuber Kai W takes a look at the 5 best starter lenses that you can buy for under $100.


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