Apple iPhone 12 Announcement Expected Next Week

Posted October 06, 2020
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Apple announced a product launch event for next week, October 13th, today where it is expected they will announce the new line of smartphones, the iPhone 12. While everything about the new iPhones is kept secret until the unveiling there are a host of rumors about what changes to the iPhone are coming next week.

Many are expecting the phones not only to have a new look, similar to the new iPad models recently announced, and are also expected to be 5G enabled which will usher in new high speed downloading and uploading on the cellular network.

One of the more interesting rumors is the possibility of four different iPhone 12 models. Recently, with the iPhone 11, Apple gave users the option of the 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max, and with the 12 many suggest they will include another 'mini' option.

As for the camera, no specifics are available yet, but as with any smartphone release, the camera system is likely to get a major update. It seems throughout the years that what consistently improves from phone to phone, and not just with iPhones but other company's models as well, is consistent improvement of the camera system. Remember when our phones just had one lens on the back? 

We'll just have to wait a week to see what is true from the rumors for the iPhone 12 and make sure to check back here then to see just how this new phone can help you create amazing video.