Canon 6D Mark II
credit: Canon

Canon 6D Mark II

Posted June 30, 2017
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Camera maker Canon announced this week that it will be releasing a much anticipated updated version of its 6D Mark II model. 

The 6D was originally introduced as a slightly cheaper and less-capable 5D camera. Released in 2012, the 6D has been incredibly popular with photographers and video producers alike, and the update seems like it won't disappoint anxious consumers when it goes on sale in July.

With updates to almost ever aspect of the camera, from megapixel to ISO to the hardware itself (now weather resistant and wifi capable) the new 6D will be on par with all of the DSLRs on the market now.

What may be disappointing to video producers is that the camera will not include 4K video capabilities. It will top out at 1080p at 60fps. While full 1080p HD is nothing to scoff at and will certainly give you a beautiful image, some producers were hoping the model would be $K compatible. While many have been using DSLRs for video for sometime now, they are still produced primarily as still cameras and the 6D is no exception. The better video capabilities are reserved for the higher-end models.

Here's what Sean O'Kane of The Verge had to say:

When Canon announced last summer that the 5D Mark IV would shoot 4K, it seemed like the company was finally acquiescing to the demands of its most advanced users. But every new Canon DSLR since then has had a maximum video resolution of 1080p. Same goes for the company’s fledgling mirrorless cameras.

Many people, arguably most people, don’t need to shoot in 4K. Canon knows that, and that’s why the company repeatedly eschews adding it to new cameras. But 4K is quickly becoming a more normal part of our video-consumption habits. 4K playback is built into YouTube, we have 4K televisions, and we’re knocking on the door of 4K phones. The point is you’re eventually going to have a 4K screen, and the majority of Canon’s DSLRs can’t shoot video that will properly fill it.

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