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Equipment: TwoEyes VR Camera

Posted January 04, 2018
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The TwoEyes VR Camera is just like what it sounds like. A VR camera with lenses spaced out to mimic the way our eyes are spaced. The small camera uses two sets of "eyes" (or 180 degree lenses) to capture full 360 video and more realistic 3D VR as compared to other cameras. The 3D mode is compatible with 3D TVs, but not every VR headset. TwoEyes links up with an app so you can review your footage in real-time and it can store up to 128GB internally. It also has internal wifi and bluetooth capabilities. 

The camera can shoot in its 3D mode if you hold it horizontally, which will utilize all four lenses, or in standard mode if you hold it vertically. The camera itself is very small and can fit in your hand. You can mount it to a tripod, or to a small grip which makes it easy to hold.

TwoEyes right now is still in it's crowd-funding phase with a page on IndieGoGo.

Check out TwoEyes here.

VR and 360 video are very popular these days. Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms have all integrated 360 playback, Apple has updated Final Cut Pro X to include VR editing, and VR hardware is becoming more ubiquitous and affordable. It is not clear yet whether VR and 360 are a fad like 3D TV or the next frontier of video (so something in between), but that hasn't stopped more cameras and headsets from being produced. With greater access to a larger number of VR cameras, more innovative work can be creative and mold the new form. As of now not too much innovative work has been done with 360 and VR video because it is difficult to do.

You can buy TwoEyes for $249 on IndieGoGo.

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